Here we go again…

Yet another attempt to create and regularly post on an EVE Online blog? Really?
This isn’t going to end well.

So here I am, warts and all, bearing my soul to the universes, both virtual and real.

I’ve been playing EVE Online for around 4 years and the fact that I own a 2005 character is purely a product of isk and impatience. Please don’t let this or my magnificently lossless (well, almost lossless) killboard fool you. I’m relatively inexperienced and require regular hugs and a constant supply of tissues.

I rage a lot. I’m an excellent armchair PvP pilot who whiles away the evenings watching 1337 dudes on Youtube whilst screaming at the screen about minute errors they’re making as they kill very large expensive ships in very small T1 frigates for ‘teh lulz’.

I tip my hat to anyone with an excellent grasp of PvP. I simply don’t have the time or the inclination to learn. This is why I stick to three ships – I’ve learned to fly them well and I know what their limitations are (although lately I’ve been experimenting with T1 cruisers more and liking the results).

So what do I do? Everything and nothing. I’m part of a hisec merc alliance and am purely there because it enables me to usually find a target within 3 jumps of my home system. Laziness is the name of the game.

I dabble in W-Space a lot. I find the politics of hisec mercing and the attitude festival it promotes to be tiresome, so most often you’ll find me lurking around in some deep, dark, local-less hole, waiting for a hapless hauler to warp innocently to the customs office I’m cloaked at, or maybe watching a Drake struggle desperately in a relic site so I can decloak my covops and whore on his NPC lossmail.




  1. In the grand tradition of the EVE Online forums, I hereby call “first.”

    Carry on.

    1. Knowing my staying power with respect to blogging, probably last too, but hey, thanks anyway.

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