Screw the Dominix

Warning: Bitter Post

I took the weekend off from EVE, after having my ass thoroughly handed to me by a missioning Domi with the most insane tank I’ve ever seen… I needed to pout, and space to do so.

I’m not pleasant on comms when things don’t go my way, so quiet reflection is the order of the day, plus a healthy helping of Lustmord and L4D/2.

You won’t know this, but I detest 99.9% of people, and being a part of a large, active alliance is hard for me. I like to solo – I like to get my own kills, under my own steam with only me to worry about (and the target of course). Other people just generally tend to get in the way and fuck things up.

You’re shaking your head. I care not.

So I log in on Saturday morning to be greeted by the sight of a war target Raven lumbering its way through system. Woot, yes? Yes.

Kicking my scout’s ass into gear and setting him off in hot pursuit, I log on my main and reship into something a little more neuty. The target in question is only 2 months old, so a Pilgrim will be fine. I strip the tracking disruptor quickly and replace it with a web, knowing there’s a high likelihood that he’ll redbox me when pointed as most newbies do… but I’d prefer not to lose him of course if he’s not in the mood for a fight.

I eventually catch up with him at a gate 5 jumps away and take note of his warp speed. This guy is motoring – no doubt he’s inertia stabbed, but hopefully not warp stabbed. Luckily I get through in front and he spawns 5km off me – perfect. Wait, what, he re-cloaked? Ok, fair enough, I can wait… and I wait… and I wait… and bang, there he is, 9km away.

Positive lock. Engaging. He warps.


I take note of his name for special attention at an as yet unspecified time and dock up, sending my scout off in pursuit to assess his destination. Eventually my scout ends up 9 jumps further down the pipe in a system designated as one of the new Sisters of Eve missioning stations – you know, the new ones they’ve created so people can LP whore for the new ships coming out in Rubicon. There are seven war targets in system.


By this time, a few more guys have come online, mostly ones I’ve not flown with before and they ask what I’m doing and for some stupid reason I fess up the details and they descend on the system one jump out. I’m incensed. I want them to log the fuck off, but they smell blood. Within a few minutes, despite me explaining that I have eyes on the station waiting for something juicy and missiony to undock, they decide to jump through and tackle a 2 week old Thorax pilot who’d burned through the system they’re waiting in. They miss him, war targets see them and the shutters are firmly closed.

Twats. Not happy now.

After 20 mins they get bored and leave and I’m left with four active targets docked in station. Thanks for fucking up my day guys. Pretty soon however a new target logs on and undocks in a Tengu.


I quickly probe him out and have my alt sat 10km off him within a minute or two. The mission is pretty rammed with rats and I’m having a hard time staying cloaked as my main logs on and warps to the system in-gate, fleeting with my alt on the way. Pretty soon I’m in warp to the target, noting he’s 15km off the beacon and readying to slap on my MWD and overload point. Sadly he warps just as I land, obviously having blitzed the mission for the LP rather than killing all the rats.

Not happy, again.

Now I’ve gotten into the habit of warping my alt back to the station perch as may main is warping into him, just to see if any companions decide to undock and help, and on this occasion it pays dividends as a Domi undocks, seemingly unaware of my presence in system (not part of the Tengu pilot’s alliance) and dutifully warps to his mission. I debate whether to insta-log just to ensure that my presence remains undisclosed to at least one target, or try to quickly probe him out. I opt for the latter.

I have a good bead on the Domi and within a minute I’m en route and landing on the beacon.

Lock, point, neut, orbit, drones. His shields start melting. At first he drops Sentrys but then realises the error of his ways and quickly pulls them for Hammerheads and they start to work on me pretty quickly. I’m tanking ok-ish and have him down to 80% armor but just can’t seem to break his tank quick enough and his reppers are still functioning, despite me running all neuts for more cycles that you can shake a stick at. Definitely cap boosted and probably using a reactive hardener. His drones aren’t dying quickly enough and at 40% structure I bug out, having full rat aggro for what seems like an inordinate amount of time and with him seemingly recognising this and switching his damage to my own drones.


Time for a break to mull over all lessons learned. Oh, and as if to rub salt into the wound, I spy on the killboard later that a corpmate has snagged the aforementioned Tengu a few jumps away, to the tune of 1.8b.

I refuse to cry. I will, however, be getting a neutral logi alt in short order.


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