It suddenly dawned on me last night when logging in that I have no cash. I do, however, have around 100b in ships and assets arbitrarily strewn across several hundred systems, but as I’m lazy and I like my shinies, I refuse to collect and sell them. This unfortunately leaves only one of several options.

Mine? NO WAY
Mission? OH GOD NO...
Explore? Hmm…

None are particularly appealing, but the latter offers a modicum of variety and unpredictability which could be construed as excitement if I weren’t so cynical. I currently have three accounts, one of which is dedicated to training a character or characters to sell – it’s part of how I fund my habit. The other part consists of my two maxed out research characters who are running a full complement of level 4 research agents.

At one time I was heavily into exploration, and truth be told I haven’t touched it since Odyssey and the probing changes. All I knew when un-docking with an alt was that T3s are no longer allowed in DED 4/10s and below, and that decryptors are worth squat. Ship choice for my alt was therefore restricted to a Cynabal or a Navy Vexor. I’ve been training T2 Sentries for a week and didn’t really want to go out with T1s, so after some rummaging around my stash I uncovered some Fed Navy Garde’s that I’d looted from a wreck back in the dim and distant.

590DPS with Fed Navy Gardes? That’ll do me. Off we go.

To be honest with you, I found the whole experience quite relaxing and profitable too. 4 hours of scanning netted me 600m in loot, without touching low sec. I was shocked at the prevalence of 3/10 sites. Are people ignoring them for some reason? Don’t like flying cruisers maybe? Too proud after being denied access in the T3 you specifically trained up for scanning? Awesome. More isk for me. I found it much more fun running 4/10s as a low skilled character with nowhere near the resists or rep of my old Tengu, and frankly the DPS isn’t much lower in the Navy Vexor so time-wise it was almost as quick.

I may do this again next week, it was pretty relaxing.


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