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With winter quickly approaching, the children are loitering more and more thanks to the darker evenings and colder temperatures. They’re a joy, but they do so like to nag, and of course that’s cutting into my play time quite a lot. To be honest, I really don’t mind – my children come first and besides, I’m getting a little bittervet of late and finding logging on a chore.

So, what to do when all else fails?

Jump into a Stealth Bomber and dive straight through the nearest swirly-wirly space thingy to the land of ‘no local’.

I love it here. It’s so beautifully bleak and peaceful.


Directional places him at an ore site, not sure how long he’s been there though as I went off to make a coffee. Judging by his ship name and the presence of T1 Hammerheads which are depleting in number rapidly, he’s a newbie. I’ll try to make this quick. I’ve gotten lucky like this a few times, lobbing a bomb and one volley of torps can often enhance the sleeper damage just enough to snag a kill. We’ll see…

I drop out of warp 10km off my cloaked scout to see him warp away, leaving one solitary drone behind. He’d obviously had enough, and now I’m pissed. Bloody coffee.

Further scans reveal nothing but the presence of a Helios loitering somewhere off-grid, possibly on the other Hi Sec exit. There are no probes out, so I’ll wait.

Within five minutes a Procurer lands at the ore site and I’m feeling that today may not be a total write off. The barge pilot obviously has great drone skills as the remaining Sleeper frigates are dispatched quickly and within 5 minutes he’s settled down to mine. A check on his corp reveals him to be a a comrade of the Gila pilot, and that’s not the resident corporation either.

Tourists. Even better.

With the Procurer 60km away, I start to drift in slowly to point range, enjoying that wonderfully salty tasting moment between target acquisition and lock. As I approach the 40km mark, the Helios de-cloaks 4km away from me and starts burning for the wrecks. Not wanting to get de-cloaked, I start keeping range but I eventually get de-cloaked and the game is up. I point the Helios quickly who misses getting out by a whisker, and start lobbing torpedoes into the barge who manages to warp off in structure.

Never mind, the Helios will have to do. The covert ops ship is doing its best to get range, but unfortunately doesn’t burn at a bookmark or celestial and is mwding, meaning that whenever he turns, I reacquire point. This happens twice before he dies a fairly protracted death. My torpedoes do not like small ships.

I miss the pod, catching him late as he aligns and burn back to the wreck to be pleasantly surprised by the drop, a B-Type micro-warp drive, some decryptors, a covops cloak and a Sisters Launcher.  A 150m isk covops frigate… some people have isk to burn.

That’ll do me. I must do this more often.


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