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Back to W-Space

With winter quickly approaching, the children are loitering more and more thanks to the darker evenings and colder temperatures. They’re a joy, but they do so like to nag, and of course that’s cutting into my play time quite a lot. To be honest, I really don’t mind – my children come first and besides, […]


It suddenly dawned on me last night when logging in that I have no cash.┬áI do, however, have around 100b in ships and assets arbitrarily strewn across several hundred systems, but as I’m lazy and I like my shinies, I refuse to collect and sell them. This unfortunately leaves only one of several options. Mine? […]

Screw the Dominix

Warning: Bitter Post I took the weekend off from EVE, after having my ass thoroughly handed to me by a missioning Domi with the most insane tank I’ve ever seen… I needed to pout, and space to do so. I’m not pleasant on comms when things don’t go my way, so quiet reflection is the […]

Here we go again…

Yet another attempt to create and regularly post on an EVE Online blog?┬áReally? This isn’t going to end well. So here I am, warts and all, bearing my soul to the universes, both virtual and real. I’ve been playing EVE Online for around 4 years and the fact that I own a 2005 character is […]